soundcraftseltzerbannerSEATTLE, Washington — Three is certainly the magic number. Sound Craft Seltzer Co., the newest craft beverage brand from local Seattle sister companies Two Beers Brewing and Seattle Cider Company, is slated to hit the market as the craft answer to the burgeoning hard seltzer trend. The cornerstone of Sound Seltzer emphasizes putting ingredients first- simple, whole, fresh, and organic ingredients. Sound Craft Seltzer Co. is a naturally gluten free sparkling hard seltzer with no added colors or artificial flavors.

SoundcraftseltzercanSound Craft Seltzer Co. is born of years of craft beverage experience in Seattle focused heavily around how to make the best tasting product with the freshest ingredients. Passionate about creating an accessible and delicious handcrafted option for the hard seltzer category, Sound Seltzer’s flavors start with the highest quality organic ingredients resulting in a refreshing drinking experience where real flavors are the emphasis of every sip.

Sounds Craft Seltzer Co. will release Rosé, Cucumber, and Grapefruit flavors available in single flavor 6-packs of 12 ounce cans, and in a 12-pack variety pack featuring all three flavors. At 5% ABV, each flavor of Sound Seltzer contains a subtle and crisp flavor derived directly from fermenting on fresh and organic ingredients.

“Creating Sound Craft Seltzer is an incredible opportunity to elevate a new category by offering a craft option,” says Founder and CEO, Joel VandenBrink. “The most important thing that sets us apart from other hard seltzers is our use of real and organic ingredients throughout the process.”

Sound Craft Seltzer’s quality is rooted in simple, unprocessed, and organic ingredients. Each batch is fermented on organic produce to achieve their signature flavors – organic berries and fresh organic juices, whole organic cucumbers, and organic grapefruit pulp and rind. The resulting hard seltzer is crisp, refreshing, and naturally gluten free. Coming in at 5% ABV, Sound Seltzers have sparkling carbonation and a hint of color obtained from being fermented on fresh ingredients.

“It was always important to remain true to the ingredients during the process,” explains Scott Katsma, Head Seltzer Maker. “The fresh, organic ingredients add subtle, beautiful colors to each of the seltzers, and the natural flavors imparted by fermenting on fresh ingredients are incredible.”

At 5% ABV, Sound Craft Seltzer is available in three, distinct, fresh flavors:

  • Rosé Hard Seltzer – subtly pink, rosé hard seltzer gets its amazing color naturally from organic Washington blackberries and raspberries
  • Cucumber Hard Seltzer – the refreshing, crisp taste of cucumber works both as a fantastic cocktail mixer or perfectly as a stand-alone invigorating drink
  • Grapefruit Hard Seltzer – light, tart, and tangy, the grapefruit seltzer is bright and citrusy from start to finish

Sound Craft Seltzer will be available on draft at The Woods Cider House & Tasting Room (4660 Ohio Ave S. in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle) starting in June 2018 and package product will be widely available at bottle shops and retailers throughout Washington and Oregon late August 2018 through Columbia Distribution.

About Sound Craft Seltzer Company
Stay Cool. Sound Craft Seltzer Co. was born from the idea that every beverage category deserves a delicious craft option. Fermented on unprocessed, organic, and whole ingredients, Sound Seltzer elevates hard seltzer to another level where real, fresh ingredients are the Sound choice. For more information, visit us  online at

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