Broski Ciderworks - US Cider Open Grand National ChampionPOMPANO BEACH, Florida – Broski Ciderworks, South Florida’s Premier Craft Cidery, is proud to announce the results of this year’s U.S. Open Cider Championship. In the eighth annual global Championship, cideries and wineries from Hawaii to Sweden entered over 270 ciders representing 25 different cider styles. The final round of judging was held in Buffalo, New York, USA. Judging for the U.S. Open Cider Championship is blind. Results were released on Nov. 22, 2021.

Broski was named the 2021 GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPION after winning three GOLD Medals in the event.

Broski Ciderworks was awarded three championship medals this year:
GOLD MEDAL Award in the Cherry Category for Broski’s Cherry Cider, a black and red cherry cider with strong cherry flavor and character. A true marriage of acidity, sweetness that you will cherish. Petillant. Semi-Sweet. Gluten-Free. 6% ABV.
GOLD MEDAL Award in the Berry Category for Broski’s Black Currant Cider, our take on traditional English blackcurrant ciders, brewed with fruit native to the UK and northern parts of America. It offers dark “jammy” flavors balanced with bright acidity. Petillant. Semi-Sweet. Gluten-Free. 6.5% ABV.
GOLD MEDAL Award in the Wood-Aged Cider Category for Broski’s Sir Dickens Cider, an apple cider aged in White oak cask barrels. Smoky, mild wood flavors are carefully balanced by the crispness of apples. Petillant. Semi-Sweet. Gluten Free. 7% ABV

Broski Ciderworks is now the most-awarded and ONLY Grand National Championship Cidery in Florida and the South East United States. Having opened its doors in 2017, Broski Ciderworks now has 13 international cider championships in the span of five years—a tradition Broski will continue to pursue.

Founder and Broski President, Dr. David Verdugo shared these insightful words:

“Brewing cider is our passion. Our goal is to create a cider culture in South Florida. Every pint of Broski Cider is brewed with dedication, commitment, hard work and a lot of love. Our hearts are in every cup.

“We want to use this motivation to establish our company among the world’s best cideries and continue winning awards for our taste and quality. To continue growing our company with the same focus and mentality and to use our knowledge to further innovate in cider-making.”

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