2018 Portland International Cider Cup  Medal Winners and Cideries of the Year

Cideries of the Year:
Large Cidery of the Year – 2 Towns Ciderhouse
Small Cidery of the Year – Montana CiderWorks
Medium Cider of the Year – Swift Cider
New Cidery of the Year – Western Cider Company

Best of Show:
Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse, Sea Cider Bittersweet Best of Show
Montana CiderWorks, Darby Pub Cider Runner-up

Portland International Cider Cup  Medal Winners:
Fruit Cider-Cane Fruit
Gold – Swift Cider, Marionberry
Silver – Bauman’s Cider, Loganberry Cider
Bronze – Seattle Cider Company, Berry Rose

Fruit Cider-Other Fruit
Gold – Draper Girls Cider Co., Aronia Berry
Silver – North Idaho Cider, North Idaho Berry Eclipse
Bronze – 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Rhubarbian

Fruit Cider-Cherry
Silver – Tieton Ciderworks, Cherry

Fruit Cider-Stone Fruit
Gold – Rack and Cloth, Peche
Silver – 2 Towns Ciderhouse
Bronze – 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Man Gogh

Hopped Cider
Gold – Square Mile Cider Company, Hopped Apple Cider
Silver – Swift Cider, Pineapple Hop
Bronze – Rootwood Cider Company, Hop Infused

Spiced/Herbed Cider
Gold – 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Nice and Naughty
Silver – Chatter Creek Wine and Cider, Chatter Creek Cider
Bronze – Tumalo Cider Co, Thai Citrus

Silver – Liberty Ciderworks, Stonewall
Bronze – Portland Cider Company, Blackberry Pinot

Modern Cider
Silver – Eden Valley Orchards, Eden Valley Orchards Pear House Cider

Modern Perry
Gold – Elkhorn Brewery, Very Perry
Bronze – Portland Cider Company, Pearfect Perry

Traditional Perry
Gold – Dragon’s Head, Perry
Silver Carlton Cyderworks, French Lane Perry

Modern Dry Cider
Gold – 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Bright Cider
Silver – Western Cider Co., McIntosh 2017
Bronze – Swift Cider, Hard Apple

Modern Sweet Cider
Gold – Portland Cider Company, Sorta Sweet
Silver – 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Outcider
Bronze – Montana Ciderworks, McIntosh

Gold – Liberty Ciderworks, Manchurian Crab SV
Silver – Snowdrift Cider Co., Red
Bronze – Elkhorn Brewery, Grape Perry

Gold – 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Traditions 2015 La Mure
Bronze – Tieton Cider Works , Perry

English Dry Cider
Gold – Cider Riot!, Shaken Tree
Silver – Carlton Cyderworks, French Lane Press
Bronze – 2 Towns Ciderhouse, 2 Towns Cellar Series-West Country Replica

English Sweet Cider
Silver – Montana Ciderworks, North Fork Traditional

French Cider
Gold – 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Traditions 2016 Cider Bouche
Broze – 2 Towns Ciderhouse, 2016 Demi-Sec

Heritage Dry Cider
Gold – Bauman’s Cider, Clyde’s Dry
Silver – Finnriver Farm and Cidery, Finnriver Farmstead Cider
Bronze – WildCraft Ciderworks, Willamette Heritage

Heritage Sweet Cider
Bronze – Western Cider Co., Heirloom

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