CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — After months of development, Charlotte-based start-up, Ekos, adds significant enhancements for TTB reporting to their cider production software. Ekos Cidermaker’s tax reporting functionality gives users the ability to not only populate their numbers but also drill down into their data for the Report of Wine Premises Operations populating in Ekos, saving hours of time when doing taxes. This data generation also comes with more efficient record keeping, flexibility when transitioning a base product into a new tax division and additional custom reports populated from Ekos user’s tax information. Ultimately, creating a hub for data to live securely in the cloud.

ekos-softwareThe major benefit that comes with this enhanced version of Ekos Cidermaker is the reduction of time producers will have to spend manually filling out the Report of Wine Premises Operations, also known as the 702 form. Ekos takes the production data entered by users and populates it to fill out multiple areas for the 702 form, specifically parts one, four and seven. Furthermore, the data can be viewed in custom dashboards generated in Ekos, helping track data in a visually pleasing way.

Another added benefit of Ekos Cidermaker’s recent enhancements is its robust record-keeping abilities. With the functionality to drill down into the populated 702 cells, Ekos gives users the ability to see where the data is being pulled from. This helps users track information on a deeper level and adds clarity if something is not adding up. In the event of an audit it also adds an extra layer of data integrity and validation.

The ability to change tax classifications while in the production process is now extremely flexible to report in Ekos. This adds to the tax reporting functionality and helps ensure accurate data, no matter what changes may occur. With this flexibility comes an extra layer of accountability and accuracy for tax reporting purposes.

With these new time-saving enhancements for TTB reporting, the Ekos Cidermaker platform is more powerful than ever. If you are interested in learning more about Cidermaker head to or visit them at CiderCon, booth #502.

Ekos is the industry leader in providing management software to independent craft manufacturing businesses – currently focusing on craft beverages. Continually growing, Ekos partners with over 1,400 craft beverage producers to manage their day to day operations in inventory, production, sales and accounting. With just a few clicks of a mouse or swipes of a mobile device, they have made it easy for customers to organize, manage and integrate information from every area of their business into one easily accessible location.

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