edenheritageciderNEW YORK, New York — Just in time for the tail end of summer parties and the beginning of tailgating season, Eden Specialty Ciders, a leading U.S. producer of heritage and ice ciders, is proud to introduce its new Heritage Cider in a can.

“Heritage cider,” recently defined as a cider style by the U. S. Association of Cider Makers, is produced with heirloom and tannic apple varieties, and often favors traditional winemaking techniques over those of large-scale, commercial mass-production methods, popularized by larger cider brands.

Exclusively available as $16 SRP 4-packs, Eden’s Heritage Cider Cans are crafted with a blend of 5 heirloom and table apples grown on four small Vermont orchards. Gravenstein, McIntosh, and Empire apples contribute red-fruited aromatic complexity and juiciness, while Kingston Black and Bulmer’s Norman are English heritage varieties that provide body and texture.

Immediately following autumn harvest, when the fruit is at its peak, these apples are gently pressed before the juice begins its slow, cool fermentation. Post-fermentation, a very light dosing of custom, Eden-produced ice cider is added and the finished product rests in stainless steel tanks for 5 months before canning. The result is a quaffable 6.2% cider without any added sugar or flavorings – offering slight minerality, hints of tropical fruit such as papaya, with candied raspberries on the finish.

“Our Heritage Cider cans give consumers an option to find more fresh fruit character without added sugar, in a convenient package at a moderate price,” said Eleanor Léger, founder of Eden Specialty Ciders.

“This is a game-changer in the world of cider” said Adam Goddu, former store manager and cider and cheese education specialist for Murray’s Cheese in New York City. “It has incredible complexity yet is so delicious and easy to drink.”

Heritage Cider cans are available in most of the 17 markets where Eden Specialty Ciders are distributed as well as online through Eden’s website. It is available now in Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, North and South Carolina, and coming soon to New Hampshire, Virginia, Maryland, DC and Illinois.

About Eden Speciality Ciders
Eden Specialty Ciders was founded in 2007 in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom region. It is a boutique producer of ice ciders, heritage ciders and aperitif ciders made from heirloom and tannic apple varieties using traditional, old-world winemaking techniques. Eden is committed to supporting small, sustainable apple growers, and has its own five-acre orchard where they grow over 50 heritage apple varieties in a biodynamic management system. www.edenciders.com

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