allciderboysSTEVENS POINT, Wisconsin – What was once a limited release flavor in 2016 returns as fall seasonal flavor for Ciderboys Hard Cider. It was only a matter of time before Ciderboys reintroduced this popular blend of blackberry juice and crisp apple cider.

Due in equal parts to customer demand and a desire to innovate, Blackberry Wild will be back annually from September through November on draft and in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles. It can be found wherever Ciderboys Hard Ciders are sold. The flavor combines crisp apple with the same plump, ripe blackberries you might find while hiking a wild forest trail.

CiderboysblackberryciderAccording to Julie Birrenkott, Ciderboys’ Marketing Manager, “the response to Blackberry Wild was so positive that we had to bring it back. It was not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when.’ We’re always experimenting with new flavors at Ciderboys, and Blackberry was a logical addition to our family of ‘fruitful pairings’ after Strawberry Magic and Raspberry Smash.”

Making Blackberry Wild
Chief Cidermaker Mike Schraufnagel and his team blend pure blackberry juice at the fermentation stage and add more just before packaging. The flavor result is a supple combination of sweet and tart, according to Mike.

“When you pour a pint or open a bottle of Blackberry Wild, it fills the room with a pleasant blackberry aroma,” he said. “We always strive for that aromatic quality. You get blackberry on the front of the pallet and a crisp, tart apple finish.”

This Is Just the Beginning
According to Birrenkott, “One of the best things about Ciderboys is that every flavor is someone’s favorite. In the case of Blackberry, there were so many calls to bring it back on an annual basis.” At a sneak peak at the Milwaukee Irish Fest on August 18th, Ciderboys were asked to rush deliver more kegs after the first trailer sold out. Previously, Blackberry Wild earned a Silver Medal in the Fruit Cider category at the 2016 Great International Beer, Cider, Mead, and Sake Competition. (Gold went to Ciderboys Strawberry Magic, a year-round flavor.)

In addition to new Blackberry Wild, the Ciderboys family includes: First Press, a year-round traditional hard cider; Strawberry Magic; summer seasonals Peach County and Pineapple Hula; spring seasonal Raspberry Smash, and winter seasonals Mad Bark and Grand Mimosa. Twice a year, Ciderboys also brews limited release flavors, which included La Vida Sangria in 2018, Cherry Jubilee and Zen Berry in 2017, and Royal Blueberry and Blackberry Wild in 2016.

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