Seattle Cider Company, known for its award-winning line of dry and off-dry offerings, is excited to announce the arrival of VIVID Light Cider, the company’s new brand family. VIVID Light Cider will feature the company’s signature Light Cider recipe as “Tart Apple,” alongside three new crisp and refreshing light cider offerings. VIVID will launch in Seattle Cider Co’s home state of Washington in March of 2024, followed by a 12-state distribution roll out.

This brand family builds on the success of Seattle Cider Co’s groundbreaking Light Cider, a pioneering craft light cider that carved a new sector in the growing cider landscape in 2022. Stepping into the spotlight, VIVID Light Cider will soon offer innovative, crisp flavors for cider enthusiasts including Tart Apple, Juicy Pear, Bright Cherry, and Fresh Peach.

Seattle Cider Company remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation within the beverage industry. When first crafting our flagship Light Cider, we had a few goals in mind: continue our success as the cider choice for both beer drinkers and wine drinkers, disrupt the massive light beer category with our craft offering, and create a beverage that is the perfect companion for every occasion,” said Felix Madrid, General Manager. “The result was our highly celebrated Light Cider. Since then, we’ve been working daily to expand our light cider offerings, developing exceptional flavors suitable for every drinker for every occasion.”

Tart Apple – New Name, Same Recipe
Crisp, refreshing, and satisfying, Tart Apple is the modern definition of drinkability. At 98 calories and 4.2% ABV, Tart Apple packs an exhilarating apple flavor in every 12 oz can. Uncompromising on quality, unparalleled in taste, Tart Apple was crafted from our favorite ingredient, fresh pressed Washington apples!

Juicy Pear – New Flavor, 4.2% ABV
Juicy Pear starts with an aroma of orchard-fresh pears followed by a vibrant burst of fresh apple. The taste is a delightful fusion of tart apple and juicy pear flavors. The apple provides a crisp acidity while the pear adds a mellow sweetness, creating a bold, balanced and fruity profile.

Bright Cherry – New Flavor, 4.2% ABV
Bright Cherry is a buoyant medley that merges the tang of apple with the rich allure of cherry. The apple and cherry combine to deliver a puckering acidity. Together, they craft a harmonious fusion, presenting a bold and balanced bouquet punctuated by a hint of cherry sweetness.

Fresh Peach – New Flavor, 4.2% ABV
Fresh Peach is an effervescent delight that blends the zest of apple with the sun-kissed succulence of fresh peach. the peach infuses a luscious, ripe sweetness that complements the invigorating apple body. Together, they create a bold, yet balanced delight for the palate.

Known for its award-winning line of dry and off-dry offerings, Seattle Cider Co crafts its ciders with fresh-pressed Washington Apples. “Seattle Cider Co has always used fresh-pressed Washington Apples to create our signature ciders. The best cider is made from 100% juice and the same is true for VIVID,” shares Scott Katsma, Innovation Manager. “We’ve always believed in using whole fruit and whole ingredients, and Washington grows some of the best fruit. We don’t compromise when it comes to using natural ingredients for real taste, and we never add anything artificial, ever.” Seattle Cider has continued to bridge the gap between beer and wine, and Light Cider is perfect craft option to capture Light Beer drinkers and other consumers that drink across categories.

VIVID Light Cider Tart Apple, Juicy Pear, and Bright Cherry will be available in 6 pack 12oz cans and on draft, while Fresh Peach will be available in 12oz cans in the “Day Pack” variety 12 pack along with the other flavors of the new brand family. The bold, minimalist design speaks to the big flavor and crisp simplicity of VIVID Light Cider. Look for VIVID Light Cider wherever Seattle Cider products are sold.

VIVID Light Cider will first be available to sample during the Cider Share Media Preview at CiderCon on January 17, 2024 in Portland, Oregon.

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