CAPE MAY, New Jersey — Cape Beverage Distributing is proud to announce a partnership with Starcut Ciders, a division of Short’s Brewing Company, to bring the Northern Michigan company’s brands to the New Jersey market. The eleventh state to see the distribution of Starcut Ciders, three brands — Octorock, Pulsar, and Mosa — will be available throughout New Jersey beginning July 21st.

“I’ve always admired Short’s,” says Cape Beverage CEO Ryan Krill. “On trips to Michigan to visit my wife’s family, I’ve had the chance to become very familiar with their brand and have been impressed with all of their products. In addition, I’ve come to know their CEO, Scott Newman-Bale, rather well from our work together on the Brewers Association’s Government Affairs Committee. I respect his business sense, I love everything they make, and I’m proud that Starcut Ciders has decided to partner with Cape Beverage on their strategic launch into New Jersey.”

Starcut Ciders was originally introduced at Short’s pub in late 2014. Born out of a passion to create high quality and innovative hard cider that focused on the flavor produced by real ingredients, Starcut Ciders are brewed with apples from their home state of Michigan without backsweetening, with the ciders’ sweetness provided by the apples. Short’s began distribution of this new division in 2015.

Starcut Ciders will begin distribution with three flagship varieties. Pulsar, a dry cider made with Michigan apples and Pinot Noir yeast, has less than one gram of sugar in each serving. This cider blends tangy apple sweetness with a slight tartness before finishing crisp, clean, and dry. Octorock is a light, refreshing hard cider made with Michigan apples, creating a perfect balance of sweet and bright apple flavors. Mosa, a crisp, refreshing blend of hard cider made from Michigan apples and sweet orange juice, is slightly hazy and light orange in color, a true mimosa in cider form.

“Starcut Ciders is a great brand for us to get our feet wet in the cider market,” says Cape Beverage Director of Sales Bill Zaninelli. “Cape Beverage has a strong sales team that expects Starcut Ciders to do well, particularly their variety 12-pack. Three cans of four different ciders: Octorock, Pulsar, and Mosa — all of which we’ll be carrying separately — and a surprise, seasonal variant. We’re excited to see this well-respected cider in the New Jersey market. Furthermore, Short’s has a strong team, fully prepared for entrance into their ninth state. We expect this to be a well-balanced partnership.”

Cape Beverage began in February of 2019, as an offshoot of Cape May Brewing Company’s successful self-distribution division. Now with twenty-eight employees in sales, distribution, warehouse staff, and associated administrative positions, Cape Beverage distributes to over 1,400 retailers throughout the State of New Jersey.

Cape Beverage Distributing is a great fit for our brands,” says Pauline Knighton-Prueter, CSO at Short’s. “From the day we met with Cape Beverage to discuss a possible launch, I knew they were a well-organized and -focused team that would put attention and dedication to a brand launch as well as continue to focus on sustainable growth. We know our products are in good hands and are excited to grow with the team and company.”

Starcut Ciders will be available to Cape Beverage’s retailers beginning July 20th. For more information on Short’s Brewing Company, please visit For more information on Starcut Ciders, please visit For more information on Cape Beverage, please visit

About Cape Beverage
Founded in 2019, Cape Beverage delivers experience, dedication, knowledge, and brand focus to all 21 counties in New Jersey. Built on nine years of Cape May Brewing Company’s successful self-distribution, Cape Beverage’s team of committed and enthusiastic Sales Managers is constantly in the field, ensuring quality, friendly service to each retailer, supporting and engaging each bar, restaurant, and retail store with a successful sampling program led by a dedicated Sales Assistant and run by a team of knowledgeable, outgoing, and locally-based Brand Ambassadors, showcasing our brands throughout New Jersey.

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