buskeyciderbannerRICHMOND, Virginia — Richmond’s own Buskey Cider has made a Stout Cider, made with gluten free ingredients from dark beers, namely coffee beans, cocoa nibs and husks, and Belgian candi! This beverage was made in collaboration with Isley Brewing Company for the 2018 SABD Collaboration Crawl includes 10 alcohol producers in Scott’s Addition located in Richmond, Virginia, pairing them up at random to create two collaborations together.

buskeystoutciderFor the collaborations, Buskey worked on making a beer inspired cider, while Isley worked on crafting a cider inspired beer. To comply with ABC requirements, Isley used 49% apple juice from Silver Creek and Seamans’ Orchard in Nelson County, Virginia via Buskey Cider to make their collab, Apples Anonymous. This makes the Isley beer still legally be a beer while making it as close to cider as possible. Comparatively, Buskey used 100% apple juice to make their Stout Cider, where their legal constraints are not using any brewing ingredients that include grain. To make this gluten free beer inspired cider, they used ground coffee beans, cocoa nibs and husks, and belgian candi to give this beverage its signature dark color and robust taste. To tie the two collaborations together, they’ve used the same ale yeast strain.

The 2018 SABD Collaboration Crawl will take place on Saturday, March 10th noon-10pm in Scott’s Addition featuring all of the alcohol producers. Participants are Buskey Cider, Isley Brewing, The Veil Brewing, Black Heath Meadery, Reservoir Distillery, Vasen Brewing Company, Courthouse Creek Cider, and Three Notch’d RVA Collab House.

Cider & Beer Descriptions:
Buskey Cider
“Stout Cider” — Stout Inspired Hard Cider — ABV: 6.5% — Collaboration w/ Isley Brewing Company
The Stout Cider is a beer inspired cider made with some common ingredients from dark beers, namely coffee beans, cocoa nibs and husks, and Belgian candi, giving this beverage its signature dark color and robust, roasty taste. This gluten free collaboration was made with Isley Brewing Company using the same ale yeast strain as was used in their collaboration.

Isley Brewing Company
“Apples Anonymous” — Golden Ale fermented with fresh, raw Apple Juice — 7% abv 8 ibu — Collaboration w/ Buskey Cider
“We partnered with our good friends and neighbors Buskey Cider to craft something new… A simple golden ale, minimally hopped, and brewed in a traditional fashion. Then we added roughly 100 gallons of fresh pressed juice, blending golden delicious, red delicious, and pink lady varietals. 49% juice, 51% wort, and American ale yeast bubbled away, and left us with a finished brew that we find quite unique. A strong, Apple forward flavor, combined with a little sweetness from the malt, but balanced on the palate, with the dry finish of a cider.

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