starcutcidersbannerElk Rapids, Michigan – Starcut Ciders, a division of Short’s Brewing Company, announces the transition of their packaging exclusively to cans and draft product, along with the release of their new rotating cider, Mosa. Based in Northern Michigan, the company sees this change to their lineup as a step towards engaging customers enjoying activities better suited for non-glass containers.

Short’s Brewing Company installed a new KHS canner with the capacity to fill 225 cans per minute alongside additional equipment manufactured by Design Machine Manufacturing, Mumm Products, Arrowhead Conveyance, and Ska Fabricating in July 2018. The installation of this new canning line expanded the capacity for high-quality, durable cans, which complements the active lifestyle for many cider drinkers.

Along with the transition to cans, Starcut Ciders is introducing a brand new rotating cider. Mosa (4.3% ABV) is a crisp, refreshing blend of Hard Cider made from Michigan apples and sweet orange juice. This cider is slightly hazy and light orange in color, a true mimosa in cider form.

Starcut Ciders cans are now available throughout Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin, with Mosa distribution occurring throughout the next two weeks.

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About Starcut Ciders
Starcut Ciders, brought to you by Short’s Brewing Company, was founded in 2014 and born out of a desire to make unique ciders from the orchards in Michigan. Known best for their two flagships ciders, Octorock and Pulsar, they also are recognized for their experimentation in the Erraticus Wild Cider Series. Made from apples sourced in Michigan, Starcut Ciders exists to create modern ciders for the people on planet earth and beyond.

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