Redhead Ciderhouse was established in 2014 by its two founders, Josh Raboin and Joe Burnham IV. Located at Burnham Orchards in Berlin Heights Ohio where the apples are picked, pressed, fermented and packaged all on site.

Josh formed a friendship with Joe while working on the farm as a teenager. During this time Josh’s father Randy was responsible for pressing Burnham Orchards apple cider which is where making hard cider all began for Josh. Randy would bring home fresh apple cider and over the years would make hard cider from this for family and friends. Josh became intrigued with the process and started to learn some Raboin family tradition of making hard cider. As the years passed every fall and winter Josh would obtain fresh apple cider from the farm, start the process of fermenting it, and turning it hard for family and friends. Josh began experimenting more and more throughout the years with different recipes and ingredients developing unique hard ciders.

Talks between Josh and Joe about bringing these hard ciders to the public began in 2012. Fast forward to today and Redhead Ciderhouse is now producing and distributing these hard ciders throughout Northern Ohio. We strive to bring the freshest, purest, and most unique hard ciders to the public. Please enjoy, drink responsibly, and just have a good time.

Redhead Ciderhouse LLC
8019 SR 113 E
Berlin Heights, OH 44814
Phone: (419) 357-2924

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