1911 Established, the award-winning Central New York cider and spirits company based in Central New York announced the launch of its newest product, Honeycrisp Hard Cider. 1911’s Honeycrisp Hard Cider is one of the first single varietal ciders available in six packs.

“For us, having Honeycrisp become our first single varietal was a no brainer given the apple’s popularity with consumers” said 1911 co-owner Eddie Brennan. “We’ve been growing Honeycrisp apples on our family orchard since their inception and they are always a crowd pleaser because of their delicious taste.”

Although the idea of creating 1911 Honeycrisp cider was an easy one to come up with, execution was left up to head cider maker Yann Fay, “Honeycrisp hard cider lends itself to a sweeter taste profile but, making a single varietal cider can often pose a challenge.”

1911 Established parent company, Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards grows and presses the apples on site, “Honeycrisp cider is a challenge to the traditional view among cider makers on what apples are ‘appropriate’ to use. By defying conventional wisdom we have been able use 100% fresh pressed Honeycrisp apples from our surrounding orchard and with the Honeycrisp’s naturally high sugar content it translates well to the fermentation process” said Yann Fay.

1911 Established Honeycrisp Hard Cider will be available in 12oz/6 packs in retail outlets mid February.

About 1911 Established
1911 Spirits was formed in early 2013 as a division of Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards. This 5th generation family owned and operated business has always been known for quality and innovation and the 1911 Established brand of hard cider, wine and spirits continues with that tradition. Located on just under 1000 acres in Lafayette, NY the orchards surrounding the 1911 cider house boast over 350,000 apple trees. Using their family grown apples their fresh pressed cider is made on site and fermented in their on-site cider house. “Tree to Bottle’ their complete vertical integration ensures quality throughout the process.

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